5 Tips On Using Pinterest For Your Business

Pinterest has quickly become one of the most useful social media platforms out there for businesses. If you own a small business or brand you NEED to be on Pinterest!  Pinterest is a great tool to help drive traffic to your website, increase awareness of your brand, interact with new contacts and customers, and boost sales. We have been using Pinterest for about 4 years at Tumbleweed TexStyles, and we have seen some really great benefits.  I want to touch on a few things that we have done over the years to get the most out of Pinterest for our business.

First, lets look at some facts:

  • Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic source in the world
  • There are billions of pins on Pinterest
  • Pins live for months and even years
  • 41% of social media traffic to websites comes from Pinterest
  • Pinners are buyers
  • 79% of all users are women – meaning that 21% are men!
  • Pinterest generates 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook
  • It is the fastest growing website in history by overall member growth

Convinced yet? Now to some of our favorite tips and how we use Pinterest:

1) Organize your boards and start pinning like crazy!

Pinterest allows you to set up limitless boards to organize your ideas and categories.  If you are just starting out make sure and create your main topic boards and start filling them up.  I always encourage people to pin content that they search on Pinterest or find online before they start following a bunch of people and expect them to follow you back.  People want to follow people that have established boards with great pins. Build your board and add great pins first. Create boards with themes that will appeal to your target audience.  It takes a little time, but the process is fun and inspiring!  

2) Connect! Build your following

How do you go about building a following? Work, that’s how. Here are a few things that we do to build our following. First, follow people that are in your niche. If you own a coffee shop, follow other coffee shops, coffee companies, coffee boards, coffee shop designs, and anybody out there pinning coffee stuff. Pinterest has a great search feature that allows you to follow people, boards, and categories. Utilize it. If you find a pinner that pins stuff you love on a consistent basis. Look to see who and what they follow and follow them too. Everyone has their favorite sources to get content from. Go down those rabbit holes and find the source and follow them! Find the websites that Pinterest influencers are finding their pins on and bookmark them. See if you can start beating them to the punch with your research and surfing these websites. Another important thing in building your following is commenting. Comment on other people’s pins. Be genuine and repin when it fits one of your brand boards. Next tip, invite people to follow you.  Pretty straight forward here. Get on your other social media platforms and encourage people to follow you and repin your pins. We do this every few weeks or so to remind people that we are on Pinterest and encourage them to  follow along.

3) Pin things from your own website or e-commerce store

This sounds like common sense I know, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do a good job of this.    The beauty of this that if they click on your image, it takes them to the point of sale for that item, the blog entry, or article in which you were featured.  You can do this by using the Pin It button directly from the web page or you can add a link when you Pin It.  We are able to track how many visitors we get get from different social media sites and Pinterest is always one of our top referrers.  If you start getting pins that become popular and go viral, you may end up getting traffic for months or even years! Now, in order for this to happen, you need to pin great photos, with great write ups, that will draw those folks in and make them click that image. There are tons of articles on creating great Pinterest images out there.   Pinterest converts more browse links back to your website, which, in turn, drives more traffic.  It’s the most effective place to steer traffic back to your website than any other social media source out there.

4) Use Buyable Pins

Encourage people to buy right on the spot!  Buyable pins, distinguished with a blue price and blue buy button, allow people to buy an item direct from Pinterest by clicking the Buy It Now button.  Take your casual browser and turn them into a buyer! We usually have a few sales per week come directly from Pinterest when we are utilizing this feature. We try to use these on popular items and not flood our feed to make it too salesy.

5) Use Pinterest For Your Team

Pinterest is a great way to communicate with members of your team!  We use this almost daily for collaboration. Our favorite way to use Pinterest for our team is through “Secret Boards”  We create Pinterest boards for specific topics, design ideas, or imagery and only share them with team members. Each member has access to the board as is available to add content as needed.  The beauty of secret boards is that it is only viewable to the members. We set up boards dedicated to upcoming collections, color schemes, and fashion trends as we plan for the future.  It makes us feel kind of incognito as we develop ideas behind the scenes before we launch new products to the public.  We probably have close to 40+ secret inspiration boards that we share with multiple people in our crew. I can pin a font or color I like and message a junior designer to create something in that style or color without trying to explain what vibe I’m going for.


So, hopefully these tips will maybe encourage you to try Pinterest with your small business and find a way that you can utilize it.  Pinterest is a go to site for me daily and one of my favorite places to get inspiration and knowledge.

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