5 Frisco Favs by Brian – #1

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things in Frisco.  My family and Tumbleweed TexStyles call Frisco home.  One thing I love to do is support local.  Here are five things in no particular order to start us off.

1) Hutchins BBQ

It is hard to beat Hutchins BBQ.  By far one of the best BBQ spots I have ever been to in Texas.  This place is smokin’.  One reason I love it so much is that my wife and 5 year old daughter love it just as much as I do.  It is a great family-friendly dining spot.  There are five items I get every time.  First, is a quarter to 1/2 pound of moist brisket.  It is full of flavor.  Second, is a Texas Twinkie.  This is a jalapeno stuffed with brisket, cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.  Third, I get a quarter pound of their jalapeno cheddar sausage.  The fourth thing is my favorite side of Broccoli salad. The fifth is a side of green beans.  I will typically get one of three drinks to wash it down with.  Either Dr Pepper, Big Red or Sweet Tea.  The wonderful part about Hutchins is that they have free peach cobbler, banana pudding or soft-serve ice cream to enjoy after your meal.  I’m not ashamed to say that I typically fill up my boat plate with all three!

Website: http://hutchinsbbq.com/

2) Summer Moon Coffee

This is my go-to spot for work or meetings.  I love their vibe, staff, decor and moon milk.  When I go first thing in the morning, my two must-have items are their breakfast tacos with green verde sauce and a quarter summer moon latte.  Their secret “moon milk” is legit.  If I am wanting a cold drink, their Hibiscus Mint Tea or the Nitro Moon are great options.

Website: http://woodfiredcoffee.com/frisco/

3) Hope Park

There is nothing better than taking my daughter to Frisco’s Hope Park off of Main street near downtown Frisco.  Watching her run around laughing and enjoying the outdoors makes this by far one of my favorite spots in Frisco.  This is one of the best parks I have ever seen.  The park has been very well thought through for all kids including those with special needs.  The playground has so many things for kids to run, jump, climb and ride on.  Surrounding the park area is the Frisco Commons Park which makes for a fun family walk.  The splash pad is very fun too.  I have lived in Fort Worth, Lubbock and McKinney.  Not one of those places had a park for kids to play on like this.

4) Mash’d

I do not go here often, but when I do, I never leave disappointed.  There are two items on their menu that I love.  Their serious queso is fantastic.  It is house prepared with roasted garlic, abita beer, chorizo & pickled pepper relish, and seasoned tortilla chips.  My go-to item here is their BABYBACK SANDWICH! It consists of slow house-roasted baby back ribs, off the bone, house slaw, moonshine bbq sauce, pickled peppers, split top bun.  Umm… Yes, please.

Website: http://mashd.com/

5) Eight 11 Place

This place might have some overpriced food and drinks, but they do have a killer appetizer and a relaxing back patio.  I love to sit outside during the fall with their fire pits going.  Few things are better than a relaxing happy hour with friends right after work.  The item I enjoy most here is their bacon & bleu chips.  This appetizer dish can be very filling depending on how many people are munching off of it.  It is made with bacon, crumbled blue cheese drizzled with balsamic glaze and served on gourmet potato chips.

Website: http://www.eight11place.com/

Stay tuned for my second edition of 5 Frisco Favs by Brian.

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